What’s Happening At Elder Gems?

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Letha and I are all excited about offering items to the elderly that they need and/or want. Many do not have access to the internet but some do. Letha plans on continuing to visit the nursing homes she has visited in the past. I am working on this website to support our catalog and make the offerings available to all across the country. In developing this website, we have begun to add products to product categories. We have featured Uniden’s line of “Loud & ClearTM” phones to help us elders be able to both hear the phone ring and to hear the phone conversation. Of course if you are totally deaf, you will only see the phone light up. They come with a base station and cordless units.

We will be adding Bibles. The KJV and NIV translations we plan on offering. Unfortunately, they require copyright permissions to be able to post images of covers and text content samples. Application has been made and we are informed it may take weeks to get a response. I was surprised to learn that permission was required as this only serves to boost their sales. Oh well! It may come to listing only links without any graphic representation. As the powers that be will it, so it shall be.

The current product line being developed are the Personal Aid items. There are many assistive aids that make our lives easier. We hope to pass these along creating a convenient source for these commonly needed items. Not just Key Finders which I think is a really great one but grabbers, sock assists, leg lifters, commode assists, remote outlet controllers, motion detectors and more. These will be added under various categories. Any suggestions you have for additional product offerings are deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

Ray and Letha

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