Remote Control Power Outlet

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Control electrical appliances, tv’s, lamps from a remote control. Comes in various configurations.

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Remote Control Power Outlet. Control electrical appliances, tv’s, lamps from a remote control. Don’t bother getting out of bed to turn off the lamp before rolling over to sleep. Just click it off even if in another room.

Wireless Remote Control Switch- 1 Pack. The Remote Controlled Switch Outlet Sockets are ideal for the remote operation of many electrical devices including lamps, appliances, tools and more. The remote control and power sockets are fashioned in a sleek pearl design. With one 12-volt (Model 23A) battery (included)  for the remote you are ready to go!

Features: Remote controlled outlets Turn lights on or off  from anywhere.
433.92 MHz frequency 100-foot range
Works through walls floors and doors
Great for use anywhere in your home
Single 3-prong outlets 120 v 60 Hz voltage 10 A current
Includes: Remote controlled switch outlet socket
Remote control (1) Requires: 12-volt battery Model 23A (for remote)

Operating Instructions:
1. Plug power socket into electrical wall outlet.
2. Plug lamp or appliance into power socket.
3. Click number button on remote that corresponds to power socket number (1, 2 or 3)

Can you handle it? Of course! Easy as 1, 2, 3.


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Five Outlets, One Outlet, Six Outlets, Three Outlets


One Remote, Two Remotes


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