Sales Rep.

Letha was selling Avon and went to various nursing homes because folks there just did not get about. She brought to them products that they enjoyed being able to get and were very thankful to her for coming to visit them. Letha and I (Ray) decided to serve the nursing home community even more. So, being a disabled person myself (Ray), we decided to gather more products that we thought would be of benefit to our customers. And that is what you see in our eStore here at Elder Gems.


Along the way, we decided to develop a line of jewelry because it is so popular at the nursing homes. Also, because most residents do not get out to shop, we decided to make available to the elders some products they may want to give as gifts to their children or grandchildren. We are always interested in hearing what you have to say about new products you would like to see available here at Elder Gems.

We pray your shopping experience is a warm and pleasant one. In the rare instance it is not, please call us or contact us via our contact page.

Happy shopping,

Letha & Ray


P.S. Remember the good ‘ol days when the dog would eat your homework?
Well, when things go wrong around here,  guess who gets the blame.

Scapegoat Lola